VISTAS Home - Adult Residential Facility (Level 4b)

In 1996, Specialized Health Services, Inc. opened the VISTAS Group Home. Located in Encino, this impressive looking home is where our four wonderful consumers (Larry, William, and Christian) reside. Larry was the first consumer to move into the VISTAS Home in 1996. Larry often boasts to others that he was the first resident in the home and the only consumer there for the first month. His room is decorated with pictures of his lovely family and classic rock posters which he is extremely proud of. William moved into the home in June of 2021. William has been a very welcome addition. Fellow residents and staff appreciate William’s kind heart and willingness to always assist others at the home. Finally, Christian is our newest addition. He moved into the home in December 2021. Christian’s affinity for Deadpool and Ninjas, coupled with his well-developed sense of humor, keeps everyone at the home laughing and entertained. The home is also very fortunate to have a team of staff members dedicated to enriching the lives of our three very special consumers.

Dillian Contreras
Home Manager

The VISTAS Home is honored to welcome Dillian Contreras. Dillan joined the Specialized Health Services, Inc. family as the manager of the VISTAS Home in September 2023. Dillian brings a wealth of experience to this position and from the outset demonstrates herself to be a kind, supportive, responsible and conscientious leader. All the consumers at the home (Christian, Larry, William) have taken to Dillian quickly and enjoy her immensely. We are very grateful to have Dillian and look forward to having her lead the group home!