Who We Are?

Our MissioN

Specialized Health Services, Inc. seeks to improve the quality of life and increase the self-sufficiency of people with development disabilities and mental illness. We recognize that people with a dual diagnosis need specialized support to live productive lives in the community.

Specialized Health Services aims to accomplish this by providing our consumers with skill instruction; teaching social skills, independent living skills and prosocial behavioral skills. These new skills will enable our consumers to cope more effectively in their daily lives. We also provide counseling which focuses on facilitating stable mental health; thereby reducing hospitalizations. Consumers have many opportunities to participate in community integrated activities which further enhance their quality of life.

Patrick Knight, LMFT
Executive Director

Pat Knight is the Executive and Clinical Director for Specialized Health Services (SHS), Inc. Pat has been with SHS since 1998. He is one of the two primary leaders of the agency. Pat’s responsibilities include carrying out the mission of the agency, program and residential operations, quality assurance, financial management, community outreach, clinical trainings, consumer consultation, and fundraising. Pat also is an LMFT and certified Pro-Act trainer.

Yaniv Geller
Chief Operating Officer

Yaniv Geller is the Chief Operating Officer for Specialized Health Services (SHS), Inc. Yaniv has been with SHS since 2000. As one of the two primary leaders of the agency, Yaniv has a multitude of responsibilities which include program operations, residential operations, financial management, technological management, community outreach, fundraising, staff trainings, consumer consultation, and quality assurance. Yaniv has carved out a well-deserved reputation for his organizational, leadership, and troubleshooting skills. He is held in high regard by the consumers, family members, care providers, and a myriad of outside entities that interface with SHS for his compassion, experience, and expertise.