Molly Lenz
In Memoriam

It is with a heavy heart that the VISTAS family says good-bye to a beloved consumer, Molly Lenz. Molly passed away unexpectedly on August 23rd, 2018 at the age of 32. Molly attended the VISTAS Granada Hill's Program for the last 10 years. Molly, who often went by the nickname "Drake" touched so many people with her spirited and loving personality. She was adored by staff, peers and people in the community. She will always be remembered for her eclectic attire and love of heavy metal music. Molly particularly loved the song "seven nation army" by White Stripes and sang an incredibly entertaining rendition of it. If she anointed you as her "sister or brother" you knew that you were one of her favorites! We are so saddened to have lost her but recognize what an honor it was to have had her in our lives.

A Success Story
Christopher L. joined the VISTAS North Hollywood family in August of 2015. From the beginning it became apparent that Christopher was a kind, mild-mannered and intelligent person who struggled with depression, social isolation, elopement and different forms of self-harm. Over the last two and one half years, Christopher has made remarkable progress through his individual efforts and support from the VISTAS Treatment Team. Christopher now reports feeling much happier. He socializes well with his peers and has cultivated many positive relationships. He no longer attempts to elope from program or engage in self-harm. He has recently taken classes at Valley College and is an excellent candidate for a position of employment. All of us at VISTAS couldn't be more proud of Christopher!
In Memoriam
The VISTAS family was deeply saddened to learn that a former consumer, Nathan Hartman had passed away. Nathan attended the VISTAS Panorama City and VISTAS North Hollywood program for a number of years. Nathan possessed a wonderful personality which served as a foundation to highly entertaining social interactions with his peers and staff. He always had an energizing and endearing smile on his face. His sense of humor was innate, creative, and never ceased to amaze. His warm demeanor and kind heart ingratiated him to people directly involved in his life as well as people he was meeting for the first time. His performances in several VISTAS' productions have become legendary for his on stage acting skills. Nathan left VISTAS about 4 years ago to attend different programs. However, he never left the hearts of the staff members and fellow consumers who were honored to have known him.

You Shine
D'Vonn Miller joined the VISTAS- Granada Hills family in May, 2016 as a counselor. D'Vonn is a warm, supportive and compassionate person. She is very well-liked by the consumers at VISTAS Granada Hills and her work with them is very impressive. She is exceptional at helping the consumers improve behaviorally and emotionally. We are all grateful to have D'Vonn at VISTAS and hope she stays for years to come!
Three Wise Men
These 3 extraordinary gentlemen have been an honor to serve over the past 28 to 30 years. Steve joined the VISTAS family in July 1985. Leon and Michael joined the VISTAS family in July 1987. Each of them has grown and progressed in so many areas related to stress-management, socialization, communication, community-integration, and independent-living. They are kind, endearing, and unique individuals who VISTAS celebrates for their dedication and commitment. We are proud of you gentlemen and look forward to serving you in the years ahead!

Leon - VISTAS has helped me in many ways. It has helped keep me out of the hospital, cope with life, communicate better with people and learn how to make friends.

Michael - VISTAS is a nice place. I feel better when I'm at VISTAS and I feel very safe here. I really like going on the outings, they are a lot of fun. It's a great place to come to everyday.

Steve - I like VISTAS a lot. The staff and clients are nice. I really enjoy the outings to the animal shelter and the classes at program, especially cooking class. VISTAS has helped me a lot with being nervous and becoming independent.

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