The VISTAS North Hollywood program was established in 1988. It leases space in a commercial building located at 10940 Victory Blvd, Unit 103, just east of Vineland. You may contact the program at 818-509-0150 or 818-509-0159. This program is vendored by the North Los Angeles County Regional Center and licensed by Community Care Licensing. Michael Lees is the program director at VISTAS North Hollywood. He started working there in June 2011 and has been the program director since February 2016. Prior to VISTAS, Michael worked as a direct support professional and residential manager for people with a variety of psychiatric disorders and behavioral challenges. He also attended the University of Toledo where he studied psychology. Michael has earned a well-deserved reputation as a compassionate and skillful director who is adored by the consumers.

The program supports individuals who have a developmental disability and who also have emotional or behavioral challenges; many with a mental illness. The current population is made up of consumers in their twenties through forties with our most senior client in his 70's. Many consumers have enrolled in our program having had previous difficulties at other day programs. The emphasis at this program is to teach coping skills to consumers who have multiple challenges. Some consumers want to move on to employment or other day activities. In order to do so, they must obtain the necessary social and behavior skills to be successful in these other environments. Counseling is a very important component of this program, which helps to shape client's behavior. Naturally some consumers do not desire a work outcome and may continue at our program for long term support.

Consumers enjoy a very active program that offers many opportunities for consumer choice both at our site and in the community. Recreational activities range from going to the Gene Autry museum, Olvera Street, The LA Zoo and The Science Center, etc. Consumers participate at a number of pre-vocational/volunteer sites in the community such as Burbank Animal Shelter and Operation Gratitude (packaging for the military). These opportunities help build self-esteem and teach work skills. Outings to the public library, movies, bowling, grocery and drug stores assist clients to learn appropriate behavior in the community as well as independent skills. Additionally, there are classes held throughout the day that address decision making, anger management, and communication skills.

Consumers also participate in job tasks at the program which enriches their repertoire of skills. These include Xeroxing, organizing documents, washing dishes, and custodial duties.

Both individual and group counseling are provided on a regular basis.


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