A Success Story

Cindy joined the Hawthorne family in August 2016. When Cindy commenced services with VISTAS Hawthorne she presented with significant challenges. Cindy was routinely observed screaming, stomping her feet, pushing items off the desk, shoving chairs, and pounding tables. The VISTAS Hawthorne Team has worked diligently to help Cindy improve with her challenges. Through a combination of consistent social skills, communication skills and stress-management skills training using the principles of a positive behavioral model and supportive counseling Cindy has shown remarkable improvement. Her coping skills and frustration tolerance have improved immensely. She has learned how to use functional replacement behaviors to communicate her needs effectively and engage in positive and goal directed behaviors. She participates in skill building classes and community-integrated activities effectively. She is cultivating positive relationships with staff and peers, displaying an endearing sense of humor and personality and meeting her behavioral goals more consistently. We are so proud of Cindy's improvements and are grateful to have her as part of the VISTAS family.

Molly Lenz
In Memoriam

It is with a heavy heart that the VISTAS family says good-bye to a beloved consumer, Molly Lenz. Molly passed away unexpectedly on August 23rd, 2018 at the age of 32. Molly attended the VISTAS Granada Hill's Program for the last 10 years. Molly, who often went by the nickname "Drake" touched so many people with her spirited and loving personality. She was adored by staff, peers and people in the community. She will always be remembered for her eclectic attire and love of heavy metal music. Molly particularly loved the song "seven nation army" by White Stripes and sang an incredibly entertaining rendition of it. If she anointed you as her "sister or brother" you knew that you were one of her favorites! We are so saddened to have lost her but recognize what an honor it was to have had her in our lives.

Three Wise Men

These 3 extraordinary gentlemen have been an honor to serve over the past 28 to 30 years. Steve joined the VISTAS family in July 1985. Leon and Michael joined the VISTAS family in July 1987. Each of them has grown and progressed in so many areas related to stress-management, socialization, communication, community-integration, and independent-living. They are kind, endearing, and unique individuals who VISTAS celebrates for their dedication and commitment. We are proud of you gentlemen and look forward to serving you in the years ahead!

Leon - VISTAS has helped me in many ways. It has helped keep me out of the hospital, cope with life, communicate better with people and learn how to make friends.

Michael - VISTAS is a nice place. I feel better when I'm at VISTAS and I feel very safe here. I really like going on the outings, they are a lot of fun. It's a great place to come to everyday.

Steve - I like VISTAS a lot. The staff and clients are nice. I really enjoy the outings to the animal shelter and the classes at program, especially cooking class. VISTAS has helped me a lot with being nervous and becoming independent.

Each year our agency surveys the consumers attending our three distinct day programs to ascertain their level of satisfaction and their particular likes and dislikes.

Out of a total of 78 consumers attending our day programs, 58 or 74% were surveyed. We are pleased to report that 100% of those surveyed answered affirmative, They "LIKED ATTENDING VISTAS".

We were unable to survey all consumers due to their unavailability, for example, the consumer was absent on the survey day, or the consumer was on an outing when the surveyor arrived.

Comments universal to all three programs were: consumers disliked other consumers, consumers who are loud, or noise.

Many consumers stated they enjoyed rewards, classes, going to the movies, staff, and the senior center.

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