In order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, effective Wed March 18, 2020 all Vistas Day programs have been closed. We do not have a date to reopen at this time. Please check here for updates. We will continue to monitor the requirements set by Department of Health and the State and County Government. If a consumer has contracted the Corona virus, please report it immediately to the regional center at their confidential e-mail,


Individuals with psychiatric and behavioral challenges need innovative and flexible supports. Our programs provide these supports with an array of accommodations to meet our individual client's needs.

As the director, I will continuously strive for individualized supports and to maintain high standards of care for each person we serve.

Video created by Brittany Arture, USC student intern

If you would like more information regarding services for the developmentally disabled in the San Fernando Valley, please call the North Los Angeles Regional Center at 818-778-1900, on the Westside, please call the Westside Regional Center at 310-258-4000 or visit the Department of Developmental Services at: or call 916-654-1987. If you would like to make a complaint, please use the following links: Complaint Process or Complaint Process (Spanish).

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